Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Benefits to You

There are many reasons why you might want to hire a Virtual Assistant. To begin with, the Virtual Assistant profession is fast becoming the answer to providing superior support for both large and small business owners alike.  For businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals the use of a VA  is becoming more and more common place.

Some advantages are:

  •  Freeing from 20% to 50% of your time so you can concentrate on management responsibilities.
  • Only paying for the time and services contracted.  No down time paying an employee in-between assignments.
  • No need to spend valuable time and money going through resume screening, hiring and training processes.
  • No overhead costs by having to provide:

–  space in your office to house an employee
–  office equipment
–  employee wage deductions, benefits or vacations

Virtual Assistant Profession

Virtual Assistants are independent business owners, who can be geographically located anywhere in the world.  Virtual Assistants communicate with clients daily or weekly by remote access through phone, fax, e-mail or file transfer.  A Virtual Assistant works with several clients in a partnership-type arrangement.  They develop a close relationship with their clients and become a trusted associate, sometimes handling all areas of the client’s administrative functions.  They can become advisors, evaluating ideas and giving opinions.

Virtual Assistants are self-starters, possess leadership qualities and demonstrate good judgment and common sense.  They have great computer and office skills, keep up to date with the latest technology and continually upgrade their skills to keep pace with changing trends.

A VA’s home office is fully equipped with a computer, printer, scanner, fax machine, etc.  You don’t have to supply any office equipment (or office space)! This saves you money.  I can help you accomplish your deadlines by doing those crucial word processing or data entry projects that you don’t have the time for (or may not be able) to do.