Social Media

Monday, December 8th, 2014

social mediaThere was a time business owners were only expected to have an ad in the Yellow Pages and hang a sign on the front of our business. If you had the money you might even air some ads on a local radio station and rent a billboard near the highway coming into your city or town. Today slightly more is expected of you.

Just as all social norms evolve and change so does the way we market our businesses — especially if like me, your business is entirely ‘on-line’. In today’s society it is expected that you use all aspects of social media. The phrase ‘social media’ has become such a part of our day-to-day lexicon that it feels as if it’s been there forever; of course we know that’s not the case. The term was coined somewhere in the mid 90s. I won’t speculate as to whom we can thank for it as there are several people who claim to have coined the phrase. Let us just face the fact that it’s here and part of our world for the moment.

If you need to gather a following or increase those who follow your business you will, at some point, need to use at the very least the trifecta of social media — Twitter, Facebook and Linked in. You may wonder why and I don’t claim to ever have the ultimate answer; however I do believe this thought is the most relevant. Most people today get their news and other information from the Internet. Instead of turning on the morning news they scroll through their Facebook page or grab their phone to peruse the latest tweets from Twitter. It stands to reason that if that is where the potential customer is that is where you need to be too.

Initially it wasn’t so bad but now our attention spans have shortened. We have an expectation that no matter how many times we check a webpage it better have new information for us. Let’s face it, we know this to be unrealistic but that does not stop us from wanting it, expecting it and at times demanding it. Here is the challenge then — how does one do their work and be constantly creating/writing new content for all our social media pages? It’s been proven that we cannot add more hours to the day so what do we do?

Here’s where I sneak in my motto – “Embrace your strengths and delegate the rest.” That’s right, delegate some of that work. Use your time to do what you do best and let someone else wave that social media flag!

Networking For Introverts

Friday, December 6th, 2013

virtual assistantsDid you know that about half the population are introverts?  There are many famous people in media that were or are introverts.  The one person that comes to my mind is Johnny Carson.  Yup, big time introvert.  When he was off the air he was ‘off’.  He would spend huge amounts of time alone on his boat or in his home office — not one to attend galas etc. for sure.

As for myself, I’m happy being an introvert.  Once I figured out why I felt the way I did about needing what appeared to be more ‘alone time’ than the average person, I embraced it.  The hard part comes when you run your own business and you need to network to build contacts so you actually have business to do.

In the area I live, we have regular events that are free and attended by many of the local business owners.  I’m not really keen on these events — the extroverts I know love them, me not so much.  What I do to be sure that I go is tell myself I only need to stay for 15 minutes and then if I wish I can leave regardless if I’ve made any contacts.  I also tell myself that I will attend a certain amount of events such as two per month for example.

Find what I call a ‘hub’ person.  In your life there is an extrovert who knows many people.  I have some of them in my life and there are times that I grab their coat tails and they pull me through an event.  They introduce me to people and bridge the gap — I appreciate that so very much.

I would suggest that you read Susan Cain‘s book ‘Quiet’.  It’s about us introverts, so take some time to recharge your ‘I battery’ and check out her book — some great insights will be found there.

While the work of virtual assistants might be a great job for an introvert, you must learn the best way for you to build relationships that will help you build your business too.

Embrace Your Strengths and Delegate the Rest

Tuesday, June 4th, 2013


I discovered some time ago that it’s important to let go and delegate.  There was a time I tried to finish everything that made its way to my inbox.  I soon discovered that while I breezed through some of the tasks, others were laborious, tedious tasks that took me far to long to complete.  The answer was simple, but it still took me awhile to see it.

What I needed to do was embrace my strengths and delegate the rest.  The sky was not going to fall if I asked one of my staff to actually do what they were hired to do, and that was to assist me!  So, I started to delegate and it was amazing how my work quality, productivity and work stress all improved for the better.  Granted, at first my staff was a bit surprised — they weren’t used to getting so much work from me but it all worked out well.  They learned and enjoyed greater responsibility which helped get them the raises they wanted and I got a much better work life.  I could walk to meetings instead of run and I was always well prepared  when I got there.

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Changing Technology in the Workplace

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Working LateWe all know that if we work in a field that involves any type of technology, things have changed drastically over the past 30 years.  Much of the changing technology in the workplace can be touted for the better and some not so much.  The introduction of desk top computing has allowed us to get more done in shorter amounts of time, but it also means we are expected to be able to get more done.  How often have we looked up from that glowing screen to realize that dinner has been on the table at home for at least an hour already and your late again? Continue Reading »