Embrace Your Strengths and Delegate the Rest


I discovered some time ago that it’s important to let go and delegate.  There was a time I tried to finish everything that made its way to my inbox.  I soon discovered that while I breezed through some of the tasks, others were laborious, tedious tasks that took me far to long to complete.  The answer was simple, but it still took me awhile to see it.

What I needed to do was embrace my strengths and delegate the rest.  The sky was not going to fall if I asked one of my staff to actually do what they were hired to do, and that was to assist me!  So, I started to delegate and it was amazing how my work quality, productivity and work stress all improved for the better.  Granted, at first my staff was a bit surprised — they weren’t used to getting so much work from me but it all worked out well.  They learned and enjoyed greater responsibility which helped get them the raises they wanted and I got a much better work life.  I could walk to meetings instead of run and I was always well prepared  when I got there.

Take a moment now and look or think about what is in your “inbox” right now that should not be.  Could it be a list of clients who need to be invoiced so you can get paid?  Maybe it’s a list of e-mails that you want to use to help build your business, but don’t have the time to input into your contacts lists.  It could very well be a stack of correspondence that needs to be filed and you want to create an electronic filing system that you can access from anywhere you have an Internet connection.  But do you really feel you should be spending your time scanning documents, keying in a bunch of e-mail addresses, or stressing over invoicing?

This is where delegating to a virtual assistant can make you work faster and smarter.  Your peers will wonder how you are able to get so much done, and when they find that you have an assistant they will also know that you know how to work smarter and not harder!  You can even use a local virtual assistant who might be able to help you in person at your location.

Most virtual assistants, myself included will offer a free consultation so you know just how we can help you.  You can even arrange to keep us on a monthly retainer so you know that you can depend on your assistant for as many hours as you need them.

Technology is allowing all sorts of new dynamics when it comes to our work and workplaces.  The future is here — Embrace your strengths and delegate the rest!


Lawrence Smoot is owner of Virtual Man Friday.

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