Changing Technology in the Workplace

Working LateWe all know that if we work in a field that involves any type of technology, things have changed drastically over the past 30 years.  Much of the changing technology in the workplace can be touted for the better and some not so much.  The introduction of desk top computing has allowed us to get more done in shorter amounts of time, but it also means we are expected to be able to get more done.  How often have we looked up from that glowing screen to realize that dinner has been on the table at home for at least an hour already and your late again?

This has especially been so for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  They are often the only employee or at the very least the only one to handle all of the administrative tasks that come along with owning and operating a business.  To hire an administrative person is cost prohibitive, even if it’s only part-time.  In days past there was only one solution — you had to work longer hours and get less done; then came the “virtual assistant”.

The first commercial application of a virtual office occurred in 1994, when Ralph Gregory founded “The Virtual Office, Inc”,in Boulder, Colorado.  I imagine there are many who would like to pay homage to Mr. Gregory for his innovative thinking and use of the new technologies.  Finally there was a solution!  You can hire someone for just the time you need them.  No minimum of 4 or 8 hours a day.  No payroll deductions to figure out and no worries about all the other expenses that come along with a new employee.

Temporary workers are not a new idea, but in the past you had to pay a large fee to an agency who would then give you someone that you knew nothing about and you had to hope and pray they showed up each and every day.  If they did not, you had to retrain the next person and retrain the temporary worker every time you needed one.

Thankfully this is not so when you develop a working partnership with a virtual assistant.  As we work together I learn just how you like things done.  What your priorities are so that each time you contact me there’s no time wasted retraining — I already understand your business and how you like things done.  This is the benefit of working with “Virtual Man Friday”.  I like to develop respectful,  long lasting  working relationships.  It’s great to know that a resource is there when you need it.

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